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You are Never Too Old to Play Dress Up!

 Are you looking for a truly unique shopping experience?  The Alley Vintage and Costume is just the place.  


Our philosophy says it all. 

You are Never Too Old To Play Dress Up”.   

With more than 110 years of vintage apparel items for men and women and our extremely reasonable prices, The Alley is your first and best choice for vintage and costumes. 

We strive to give our customers that old fashioned one-on-one excellent service from bygone days. You as the customer deserve it and it is a policy we believe in. Our stock is always evolving and changing as we receive new vintage and costume merchandise every week.  Stop by often and see what’s new! At The Alley


  • Choose from items for men and women from 1890’s, 1900’s. 1910’s, 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s
  • We offer the widest selection of men’s vintage clothing in the area. 
  • We sell and rent tuxedos, vintage and current styles, as well as cravats, vests, shirts and top hats.
  •  Re-enactors find our section of historic costumes including civil war, renaissance, and colonial items are top notch      
  • We carry a huge selection of hats for men and women.  Our hats span the years 1890 to the 1970’s.  Cloche hats, big brimmed hats, bucket hats, fedoras, berets, straw, velvet, leather, felt, wool, fur, fez, bonnets, pith helmets, Stetson, cowboy, top hats, trilby, triton, Tudor bonnet and mob cap, tilt hats, cocktail and pillbox hats, feathered, turbans, toques, veiled hats, bowlers, panama hats, platter and picture hats, Mod style hats, coachman hats, western hats, bumper styles, floral, petal and feathered hats.  

Looking for that perfect finishing touch to your outfit or costume?  The Alley carries a wide variety of classic, vintage jewelry and also items handmade by local jewelry artisans.  Rhinestones, pocket watches, brooches, clip earrings, flapper beads, tie pins, rings and cufflinks, your perfect accessory awaits at The Alley.  Purses, handbags, scarves, hankies, gloves for men and women, spats and of course hats round out some of the available items.

What about footwear?  The Alley has Go-Go boots, cowboy boots, Steampunk boots, Victorian boots,  sandals, slippers, motorcycle boots, loafers, pumps, saddle shoes, clear acrylic shoes, moccasins, fur boots, platforms, disco shoes for men and women, clogs, slides, black and white spectators and wingtips and more.


Tired of the same old costumes you find at big box seasonal costume shops?  The Alley is proud to offer a wider choice for your costume needs. From authentic vintage items to creative fantasy and re-reenactment garb we can help you achieve the look you are seeking. Our over 30 years’ experience in theatrical costume design and manufacture we can offer expertise not found at those “Halloween costume” stores. And you will not find someone else dressed just like you in the same costume when you get your costume from The Alley. Our one of a kind looks help set you apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for period costumes, zombie apparel, fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, retro, rockabilly or anything in between, we can help you.   

Going to a themed party?  The Alley carries a full line of options. 

  • 1920’s flapper and gangster style costumes, drop waist dresses, zoot suits, pinstriped suits fedoras, cloche hats and more.
  • 1940’s pre and post war apparel, swing and jazz styles, wiggle dresses and double breasted men’s suits. 
  •  For the 1950’s we offer everything from poodle skirts and saddle shoes, to rockabilly styles, colorful crinolines, halter dresses and shirtwaist full skirted dresses. 
  • Men’s business apparel, skinny ties, sweaters,  western shirts, and bowling shirts and loafers. 
  • We also have neo Victorian apparel, pin up style bathing suits and bathing caps and rompers as well.
  • The 1960’s explode on the scene with mini’s, bell bottoms, hippie fringe, plazzalo pants,  maxi dresses, psychedelic patterned apparel, Beatles suits, and  plaid pants for men and women.
  • The 1970’s Gunne Sax dresses, maxi’s, dashiki tops, leisure suits for men, wide collar polyester shirts, 3 piece men’s suits, vests, polyester, polyester, polyester!
  • The 1980’s round out the 20th century for The Alley with large shoulder pads, disco dresses,  Laura Ashley styles, power suits and one piece jumpsuits and pantsuits.


 Looking for corsets?  We carry steel boned corsets in many styles from size extra small to 4X.  Brocades, solid colors, historical, steampunk, renaissance styles and more we will custom fit you for just the right corset to enhance your figure and provide you with just the right look.


Hours for The Alley 

  • Tuesday             12 noon - 7pm
  • Wednesday         12 noon - 7pm
  • Thursday            12 noon - 7pm
  • Friday                 12 noon - 7pm
  • Saturday             11 am   -  5pm
  • Sunday            12 pm noon - 4pm
  • Monday                     Closed





3502 W. Dublin Granville Road

Columbus, OH 43235


Conveniently located

  • 1/2 mile east of Sawmill Road on S.R. 161
  • 1.31 miles from 270
  • 5 minutes from 315N
  • Between Federated and Sawmill Place










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